Weighted BPI

Countries that are larger in area or population, or both, may offer greater opportunities for higher production volumes or to reach more people with biofortification. We calculate two alternative indices that take land area and size of the target population into consideration. In both cases, a country’s unweighted BPI ranking is offered for comparison with the weighted ones.

Uses a country’s share of harvested area for a specific biofortifiable crop in the global area harvested for the specific crop as a weight. This version of the BPI may be useful for stakeholders primarily interested in maximization of production, such as seed companies.

Uses a country’s target population for biofortification (children aged 6-59 months and women of childbearing age living in rural areas) divided by the global target population. This may be particularly interesting to stakeholders seeking to optimize the size of the target population that is reached with biofortification, such as a multilateral donor agency.

Compare the unweighted BPI to the two weighted versions at once. Differences in the maps reflect the differences in priority levels once the amount of land available for production and the size of the population are factored into the calculation of the BPI.


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